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Join us for an exciting opportunity. We are looking for partners in progress.

There is a great value which can be explored on mutually win win basis through our partnership. The India market for professional concierge services is Rs 7,200 Cr annually for 2013 and expected to grow to Rs 15,000 Cr by 2015, as per research report of Gartner. The sector at present is un-organized, fragmented, un-professional, not automated and there is no clear sectoral leader, which gives us the first mover opportunity to lead this space.

Our USP:

  • Value & Ethics paramount into our systems, processes and dealings
  • Professional approach be it in mundane tasks adhering to stringent quality
  • Automated systems end to end for quick, hassle free operations
  • Unique blend of passion and empathy engrained in the leadership team
  • Private Limited company with ISO 9001:2008 certification with proper organizational processes
  • Good infrastructure and back end. Example: Online, IVR / phone banking payment options, cloud based process automation for scalability and security, need based information gathering, no local storage or retrieval of information, disarray team structures for enhanced privacy.
  • Minimal investments from partners end and handsome commission structure
  • Focus on delivering value to final customers

The market segments that we wish to be in have been carefully chosen to serve considering our strengths, passion, experience, capabilities and complements with our other services from Zara Business Advisory, Distribution and IT business units. We are not focusing on market share, but customer share by offering larger variety of services to our existing customers. We invest in training our employees and associates for cross selling and up-selling. We have carefully tailored our services around customers need. There is a marked differentiation in our offering from competitive offering. Our initial customers have enthusiastically responded to the solutions offered by us, which they initially did not ask for. Our service addresses the customers stated and unstated needs arrive at real needs and achieve customer delight by addressing their delight and secret needs. There is no company which offers similar service to same customer at same price. (Brand Competition).The industry competition is fragmented. We have far more Individualization. Customers are able to design their own product features which also help us better to respond to customers who might press for lower price. We are establishing multiple channels and are organizing them properly in our business family so as to manage the conflict better. Channel sales & distribution will contribute majorly to grow our business and keep a tab on cost of customer acquisition. We are the partners for profit. We are investing heavily on building stronger brands. This will also help keep customer loyal for longer periods and deliver healthier lifetime value. The payback from advertising, sales promotion and public relations will start from 2nd year onwards All our departments function with the help of in-built customized business application, and is 100% automated to align our workforce and departments single mindedly towards customer orientation resulting truly into creative and integrated marketing. This also helps to blend several tools to deliver consistent brand image to customers at every brand contact. Our customers and prospects in the defined market segment, share a strong need that is not being satisfied and addressed by any existing product and service. We are thus trying to measure the size of this enormous potential market, and keep refining our products and services to satisfy this latent demand.

Welcoming you on board Your PA today!

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